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About Coding Codas

I have been a musician for as long as I can remember, and my favorite piece of music, to this day, is Chopin’s Ballade No.1, Op.23. This tempestuous masterpiece ends with a famous and difficult coda, which took me months to master. The coda, or concluding passage, gives the music resolution, finality, and in some cases, uproarious applause!

5 years ago, when I started to dabble in coding and software engineering, I realized that getting to the end of a project is a lot like the coda of a piece of music. No matter what happens earlier, the coda is the last thing that people hear, and what rings in people’s ears for days after. For me, the coda in Chopin’s first ballad is what defines the piece. It changes it from good craftsmanship to a masterpiece.

The objective of Coding Codas is to produce that extra 10% that makes a website or app go from good to great, from hummable to “stuck in your head,” from adequate to jaw dropping. We take care of, and take pride in, those extra details that allow you distinguish your business from the rest.

Just as Chopin didn’t end his ballade with a traditional cadence, Coding Codas doesn’t make a project live until it has something a little special, an “it” factor. A coda.

- Mike Goldman, Founder

Our Process


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Studying a piece of music is a rigorous and detailed process. Every piece requires a thorough knowledge of melody and harmony, theory, historical context of the composer as well as the time and place of it's creation, orchestration, and an understanding of the composer's' previous works.

When Coding Codas begins working with a client, we study their industry, business practices and objectives, and their current use and implementation of technology in the same way that we begin learning about a new work of music. We like to be as educated as you are before we even begin to discuss the scope of your project!


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Rehearsal is the most sacred part of the learning process for a musician. It is a testing ground - a time to try different combinations of fingerings, articulations, and motions to achieve a musical result. Rehearsal requires technical skill and ability on one's instrument, strong discipline, and the curiosity and will to keep working until the piece is close to perfect as possible. It is a painstaking process of nuance and detail that create a work of art.

Likewise, when Coding Codas tackles your project, we combine experience with our endless curiosity to explore new, cutting edge developments in technology. Our goal is to explore every method possible to give you a product that surpasses your expectations.


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Performance is the culmination of months of study, preparation, and rehearsal. It is the first time a work of art is presented to the public.

When launching your product, Coding Codas takes the same painstaking process to make sure that that your vision is shown to the universe without any hiccups or downtime. We go through an arduous process of beta-testing to ensure that all end users will enjoy the result of our hard work!


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